What we do: 

Washington Emergency Squad is a non-profit, combination paid/volunteer agency that provides Emergency Medical and Rescue Services to the citizens of Washington Borough and Washington Township. Our paid members staff 1 ambulance Monday-Friday between 6am-6pm to help ensure that an ambulance is ready to respond at all times.


The Washington Emergency Squad was founded in 1936 by Vernon C. “Bab” Oakes. It was first started as a “first-aid group” made up of 6 firemen. “Babs” and his men raised money to buy needed equipment such as a stretchers, blankets, inhalator, leg splints, floodlights, and some medical and first-aid supplies. On June 24, 1936, squad membership was increased to twelve (12) men. No longer restricted to fire calls, this well manned and equipped rescue organization became known as the Washington Fire Department First Aid and Rescue Squad. It was available to the public for all types of emergency services. By the end of 1936, the squad had answered five (5) calls. Presently, the members of the Washington Emergency Squad run over 1700 calls a year.


The squad operates 4 BLS ambulances licensed by the State of New Jersey Department of Public Health. We also operate a Heavy Rescue unit that is equipped to respond to any call for service in which a person(s) need to be removed from an area in which they are trapped. Examples include motor vehicle crashes, industrial accidents, search and rescue, and more. It is also equipped with various lighting and firefighter support resources.